In the middle of Tuscany sits a small village called Greve in Chianti.  That village is home of the estate of Giovanni Da Verrenzzano, the discoverer of the island of Manhattan.  Yes, Manhattan was not discovered by the Dutch, but rather the Italian explorer Giovanni Da Verrenzzano.  He first made his way up the Hudson in 1524.  If you have been to Manhattan, you may know that the bridge just north of the Brooklyn Bridge is the Verrenzzano Bridge.

This photo is taken from the farm house at the Castello di Verrenzzano.  We stayed in the farm house in 2011 during Paul Christopher James’ workshop in Tuscany.  We awoke early one morning prepared to head out to a location somewhere it Chianti.  As we gathered outside the farm house, we were treated to this view.  So rather than drive to the scheduled shoot, we set up in front of the farm house and got this amazing image.  You have to be careful in landscape photography to not buzz by an amazing shot on your way to some destination you have planned.  Sometimes you get there and wish you had stopped along the way.

The Castle on the hill is NOT the Castello di Verranzzano.  It is the castle on the next hill to the north, the Castello Vicchiomaggio, or as they referred to it at the Castello di Verranzzano, the enemy.