I made my first trip to Italy in the fall of 2010.  My wife joined me to attend my first workshop with Paul James.  The workshop started in Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre is a beautiful area on the Italian riviera made up of 5 little villages.  In fact, the Italian government has made the entire area a national park.  And for good reason.  It is simply enchanting.  Each of these small fishing villages are built on the edge of the cliffs.  With hiking paths from village to village (and trains for when your tired or out of time), it is a great place to spend a week.

We made our base in the town of Vernazza.  This image is of that town.  Each morning we would get up and hike the hill to the south for a sunrise shot, and each evening we would hike the hill to the south for the sunset.  This shot was taken just after sunset.  

Its interesting to me that the trails are all but empty at sunrise and sunset.  What is clearly the most beautiful time is seen by so few.  I’m not complaining, I enjoy the empty trails.  So if you go to Vernazza and the Cinque Terra, wake up early and check out the trails.  Stay out late.  Dinner will wait.  

Note: Take a headlamp with you.  You’ll need it to see your way down the trail in the dark.